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Are you looking for an all-in-one downloader for your app to download music, videos, audio, and social media content? Then there is no better app than Vidmate. It is a complete entertainment app and the most powerful video & audio downloader. You can download HD-quality movies, videos, shows, and video content from YouTube and other video platforms. This app is trusted by over 100M users for downloading social media content. You can also trust this app to download videos from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram pro, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and hundreds of other social media.

Moreover, the app gives you the luxury to stream videos from thousands of websites and hundreds of platforms. You can also use this app as your trusted browser to browse all sorts of social media platforms and other websites. Its Video to MP3 conversion power is matchless. You can directly download any social media or other video as an MP3 file. Diverse support for video & audio formats with all quality resolution support makes it a complete entertainment package. Download Vidmate now and enjoy endless streaming, downloading, browsing, and video to mp3 conversions on the go.

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Features of Vidmate APK

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Do you want to download social media videos, YouTube content, MP3 music, and other videos? Are you looking for a complete entertainment package for your Android? Then this app is the answer to all your entertainment needs. It has plenty to offer with its diverse feature list for all of those entertainment lovers on Android devices.

Download YouTube Videos

YouTube video download is one of the initial causes of developing this app. Hence, you can enjoy its primary feature at its peak with this latest version of the app. It will allow you to download any sort of YouTube content from movies to videos. Moreover, you can choose different formats, quality resolutions, and FPS for these downloads.

Social Media Downloader

The majority of social media platforms restrict their users from downloading their videos. Hence, all social media users rely on external apps and sources for downloading. Vidmate APK is one of the most powerful social media content downloaders. It allows you to download FB videos and reels in video & audio formats. You can also download Twitter and Instagram videos in HD quality. Moreover, it also supports WhatsApp status downloads and TikTok video downloads.

Movie Downloads

If you are a movie lover then you gonna love this Android movie downloader. You can download movies in HD quality from thousands of websites and hundreds of movie platforms. From YouTube to Hulu you can download movies from any web-based source by just pasting the movie link in this app.

Video Streaming

In addition to video downloading, Vidmate App is also a powerful video streaming app. You can watch YT videos online, Stream live matches with channels, and stream all sorts of content from social media and other video-based platforms.

HD Video Quality

With technological innovation, we have moved from black-and-white videos to HD videos. Hence, every video entertainment enthusiast wants HD video quality. This app perfectly meets the demands of users. It provides HD video quality for streaming, YouTube videos, and social media downloads.

All Video Format Support

There are dozens of video formats in which we enjoy video entertainment on different platforms. However, not every video downloader or streaming app can support all of these formats. But Vidmate Download brings this power to you. Its multi-format support allows you to download videos in any format from 3GP to WebP.

Diverse Range of Video Resolution

Videos are available in different resolution qualities to suit the preferences of different users. This app supports resolutions from 144P ordinary quality to 4K videos. You can go with any video resolution for downloading as well as online streaming.

Audio Downloads

In addition to video downloads, Vidmate APK Download is also your audio downloader. You can download music content in audio formats from different audio content websites. Moreover, you can also turn videos into audio to download as MP3. Its built-in converter is very powerful. You can directly download any video of YT, social media, and other platforms in audio formats.

MP3 Conversion

This app comes with an integrated video converter to convert any video into MP3. With this powerful converter, you can instantly change any video into MP3 from any platform. So get your favorite music and videos with a direct MP3 download link with direct conversion. 

Support for All Audio Formats

Nowadays, audio content is available in a wide range of formats. Vidmate has support for all those dozens of audio formats. You can stream music in any audio format or download it in the desired format.

vidmate, vidmate download

Live TV App

For Live TV streaming lovers, this app is also a powerful mobile TV. There is a diverse range of TV channels for Live mobile TV streaming. You can enjoy sports channels, TV channels, News, channels, and tons of other TV content.

Built-in App Store

Do you want to download any app or game for your Android for free? Just type the name of the app or game in the search bar of the Vidmate App. It will give you hundreds of apps/games according to your search. You can download millions of apps and games from here with one tap download feature.

Vidmate Play Station for Online Gaming

To quench the gaming thirst of Android gamers, this app has a PlayStation. You can enjoy thousands of online games here without installation hassles. Seamless gameplay without any installation makes this app a go-to play station for gaming lovers.

Powerful Browser

Vidmate APK also includes browsing power. It has an in-mounted powerful browser to browse anything you want. Its integrated web browser allows browsing of all web-based social media platforms. Moreover, you can also browse and access millions of websites on Google with its built-in browser.

Built-in Media Player

As this is a multimedia entertainment partner, a media player is mandatory for it. Hence, it comes with the most powerful media player with tons of features. You can play online videos and stream live TV channels. It also also allows you to watch download videos and videos from your gallery. Moreover, it is also your MP3 player that can potentially play all videos as MP3 and all audio content on your device.

Background Video Play

Do you love music while working or playing games on your Android? Then Vidmate App Download brings in a video playback feature. You can keep playing your music videos in the background while multitasking on your Android.

High-Speed Downloads

This app goes beyond limits when it comes to download speed. You will find it one of the most powerful downloaders with high-speed downloads. It allows batch downloading. For a single video download on a good internet connection, it can reach a speed of up to 50mbps.

vidmate, vidmate download

Batch Downloading

No one wanna wait for the completion of one download to start the other download. Hence, Vidmate brings in batch downloading stint. This batch-downloading feature is awesome as it allows multiple downloads. You can queue dozens of downloads and can manage them with ease.

Private Space

Do you want a private space to keep your private downloads secure? Then there is password password-protected private vault for you. You can keep your videos, audio, and other downloaded files in this private vault.

Smart Recommendations

Vidmate has a very powerful and smart system to recommend content to different users. As you enter the app, you will get different sorts of entertainment content scattered on your screen. This content is recommended according to your interests on different platforms.

Simple User Interface

The interface of this entertainment stellar is very simple and user-friendly. You will get categorized content with a search field to access desired content with ease.

100% Free to Use

Can you believe that such a huge amount of features and services is 100% free? If you can’t then you have to. Because this entertainment maestro does everything free for you. But you have to support this app by going through some ads.

Some Basic Information About Vidmate App

Application NameVidmate Apk
App VersionLatest Version
File Size23.2 MB
Total Downloads100,00000+
FeaturesFree YouTube Video Download
Last update3 hours ago

   Vidmate Download

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Is Vidmate Safe?

This is one of the most asked questions about this video downloader and entertainment stellar. We can divide this answer into two different sections for better understanding.

  • Legality: First thing is its legality. Is Vidmate legal to use? To be honest, it goes against the policies of many platforms. For instance, it downloads videos and content from social media platforms. But those platforms do not officially allow those downloads. It goes beyond legal boundaries to provide you with downloading and other services. Hence, you can’t find this app on the Play Store and have to go to third-party sources for this app.
  • Security: As for as security of your device using this app, you are at a relatively safer end. It has 220M trusted active users to suggest the security trust on this app. Moreover, it is being used on a variety of Android devices and never harmed any device. There is very rare negative feedback from users when it comes to the security of this app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Vidmate APK?

It’s a straightforward process if you get it from this page. Use the download button given here to get the app on your Android within seconds.

Is Vidmate an HD video downloader?

Yes, you can download YouTube, social media, and other videos in HD and 4K video resolution.

Can I download WhatsApp status with the Vidmate App?

Not just WhatsApp status, you can download videos and multimedia content from any social media platform with this app.

Is Vidmate Ad-free?

This is the sorry answer for Vidmate lovers. It completely relies on ads for its revenue and you have to watch some ads to support this app. Because this app is not featured on Play Store ads are the only source of income for this app.

Pros & Cons

To give you a clear idea and balanced details for choosing this app, the pros & cons are listed here.


  • Huge amount of services for video entertainment.
  • Video downloading in HD quality.
  • Social media downloads from YT, FB, Insta, WA, TikTok, Twitter, etc.
  • Vidmate App is your MP3 converter for audio downloads.
  • App & game store for downloading millions of apps & games.
  • PlayStation to enjoy video games.
  • Support for all video and audio formats from 3GP to WMV and MP3 to M4A.
  • High download speed with batch download feature.
  • Private Space to keep videos and content password-protected.
  • Live TV Streaming with hundreds of channels.
  • Link detection smart feature.
  • Smart content recommendations.
  • Top trending videos and hot entertainment content.
  • 100% free of cost services.


  • Third-party app.
  • Goes against legality rules and policies of many platforms.
  • Not featured on Google Play Store.
  • Does not support iOS devices.
  • May harm your device as it is not verified by Play Protect.
  • Contains ads.
  • May cause errors and malfunction on some devices.
  • Does prove malicious in some cases.


Vidmate is among the most powerful entertainment platforms for streaming, downloading, browsing, and gaming. It offers a diverse range of features and video download support. You can download video and audio content from social media platforms, websites, or any entertainment source. It offers streaming services and Live TV channels for on-the-go live entertainment. HD quality with diverse format support for video entertainment makes it the perfect entertainment asset. Moreover, its audio conversion, built-in media player, simple UI, and extreme browsing power make it a must-have app for every Android device. But where it has many services and features, you must be aware of its potential risk. Do consider its legality and security as the app is a third-party creation. Hence, you have to be cautious while downloading it from here. All the features, advantages, and disadvantages are listed here to give you a clear idea before choosing this app as your entertainment partner. If you are willing to grab this app then Download the Vidmate App now and enjoy endless entertainment, downloading, browsing, and streaming on your Android.