VidMate APK – HD Video Downloader App (Official)


Vidmate Apk is One of the most popular applications for downloading videos from various sources, like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is an excellent application to download anything from anywhere. This application allows users to download anything from any source; this is very convenient. You can download Content from various sources; even if they have premium, you can still download them.

Version 5.0.165
Updated1 day ago

Vidmate apk is a safe app, and it is verified that this application is secure. This application does not require so much Permission from your mobile Phone; all this is needed is just one Permission: Storage. And as you know, if you want to download anything, it will save on your Storage. That’s why it involves Storage permission. Any application that downloads videos requires storage permission. Without this Permission, users are unable to download anything from any source.


Using VidMate is very beneficial for Individuals. So they can download anything. Using this application, you can download Content for 18+ people. In this application, you find a straightforward interface so that everyone can understand this application without any difficulty. Various options are available, like Music, Movies, TV Shows, Games, etc. You can select the possibility of your choice and start searching for what you want.

About the VidMate

Vidmate was created by UC Web, a part of the Alibaba group. The App was first to come to air on 23 January 2018. It is an application of Technology and if you are interested in Technology, you know about the App and have already downloaded it on your mobile Phone. You like that kind of application that makes your work easy and faster. You might be searching for this kind of video-downloading application where you can download videos with simple clicks.

VidMate  Apk

You got the Skills and Knowledge to do that kind of thinks. And it is possible you know more applications that work the same. You know that VidMate is different from other video-downloading applications. Let me explain why the App is a separate app that is just not a video. Downloaded You can download any type of Content available on any website. You can download Applications, audio, Movies, and TV shows; so much is known that you can download in just some clicks.

Everything you want to stream or download has an endless variety of Content. You find all your favorite platforms here and it gives you access to do that. You can download whatever you want, even if the venue has a premium. The App gives you access to the payable media. So you can be satisfied and don’t have to pay money.

Vidmate Old Version

The Vidmate old Version is essential in a person’s day-to-day activities. These programs simplify a person’s operations and allow you to execute the same task more efficiently. In some samples, these programs can also do previously impossible tasks. Downloading videos from popular websites is similar behavior.

People who want to have good offline material must download videos. However, most individuals have difficulty downloading these movies since there is no standard method for obtaining Content from the internet. You must go through several steps to guarantee that suitable material is downloaded to your device. Now that you have, you can download any content from anywhere.

With the App release, it is now possible to download videos from various websites. With its simplified logic and user-friendly design, the software makes everything appear to be a piece of cake. Here are some basic questions about the improvements in the previous App that will help you understand the App’s new increased functionality.

Vidmate Latest Version 2023

There are so many versions available on VidMate’s latest App. Every time the App made a new version, it was better than the previous one. The App Improves everything and fixes glitches in every update The Latest Version of VidMate is going so well because of its easy interface and downloading. You can not find any problem in the latest Version because the App ensures everything works fine.

You may be shocked because, in the Latest Version, Downloading videos got even more accessible than before. Now you can download videos very quickly, and as per your choice, the quality options are increased; now you can download your favorite video in your favorite quality. And you can download Content with just some simple clicks.

How to Download and Install VidMate?

Vidmate is no longer available in Google Play Store, so if you want to download this application, you have to download this from your given smartphone browser or Google Chrome. You have to follow the given steps to download the App.

  • Step 1:- Open your Given Browser.
  • Step 2:- Now you can search VidMate on the search tab.
  • Step 3:- Open the Official page or go to
  • Step 4:- Search for the App in the given search box.
  • Step 5:- Click on the App.
  • Step 6:- Click on “Download” this application.
  • Step 7:- Once your App is downloaded.
  • Step 8:- Click on the App.
  • Step 9:- Now click on “Install” the application.
  • Step 10:- Now your application is successfully Downloaded and installed on your Phone.

Features of VidMate Apk

This application offers many features to make your experience easy. Every part can solve one of your problems; many features are available on every Version of VidMate Apk. It is instrumental using this,s you can download so much Content. There are some significant Features shown below.

Easy download videos

If you have an Android device and a strong internet connection, you can use the VidMate App to download any video. It allows you to watch your downloaded movie in practically any format.

Download videos for offline use

This is a convenient feature of the VidMate software. You may download any video and view it whenever and anywhere you want. This movie may not only be viewed on your device but can also be saved to an SD card or external Storage.

Watch videos without ads

Many video websites have highly obnoxious advertisements. When there is advertising before a video, it is tough to appreciate it. The App allows you to enjoy your video without even any advertisements.

Offline TV shows

You may download and watch your favorite TV show whenever you want. There are no constraints or limitations. Any show may be downloaded and connected in some way for offline watching. It is possible to download indefinitely. You may download an infinite amount of entertaining stuff.

Smooth playback

The App provides fluid playback. You may watch and enjoy your downloaded video in high quality. This is not limited to replaying the device; it can also be played on other equipment such as Chromecast, Android TV, etc.

Loads videos faster

The App is also well-known for its quick loading speed. This is a handy feature of the application. You may download or watch any video without suffering any delay or slowdown. VidMate is both a video downloader and a fast browser.

It gets rid of ads

When you wish to play or save a video from a video-sharing website, you will notice a lot of advertisements. Using the app program, you may eliminate those unpleasant commercials and enjoy your internet media more effectively. There are no advertisements in this application. You may download all of the Content without encountering any advertisements.

Key Features of the VidMate App

• There is no need to have an Internet Connection.
• You can stream Unlimited.
• You can download whatever you want.
• Download high-resolution movies, TV shows, and audio.
• Download the latest movies and web series before their official release.
• Download everything in one click.
• Millions of movies, TV Shows, Web Series and Songs are available.
• Find everything No, matter online or offline.
• Downloaded videos come into your phone storage.

Download VidMate Apk (No Ads)

Download this application so you can enjoy unlimited access to download anything anytime. You are allowed to download multiple things at the same time. This application provides a breakneck download speed to download anything you want in just minutes. Sometimes the Download speed depends on your Internet Service Provider. But VidMate Apk tries its best to give a fast pace.

Version 5.0.165
Category Video Player
FeaturesAll Contents available
Launch date2015
Updated1 day ago

This application gives you a straightforward interface and features that can make your experience extraordinary and short. You have to open the application and search for what you want to download when you find it, click on the Download Button; you see so many quality and format options; select format and quality as per your choice and click on download.

There are so many platforms available in the world that are made for entertainment purposes. You find wide Content varieties there, but you must purchase a subscription. After that, you can stream the Content. But you are unable to download it. With the help of the App, you don’t have to purchase a subscription and download all the available Content.

Why Use the VideMate Mod Apk?

There are a lot of different kinds of Entertainment content shown up and they post a variety of Content like Music, TV Shows, Web Series, etc. But all these kinds of Platforms are locked or have a subscription. Even if you Subscribe to them, they will not allow you to download the Vidmate mod apk from their Platform. Everything is available on that specific Platform. You can stream them.

They do not give Permission to download anything. On those platforms, various types of Content are available, most of which are payable. But this problem no longer exists because of App you can stream all those platforms and see anything you want for free. You don’t have to pay a single rupee to watch the,m and In addition, with the help of the App, you can download them on your device and watch them anytime. After Downloading, You don’t even need an internet connection.

Vidmate App FAQs

What does this application do?

With the help of this application, you can download videos from any platform.

Does this application works on Android?

Yes, This application is specialized for Android.

How much Permission does this application want?

This application only needed one Permission which is Storage.

Is Using this application Secure?

Yes, Using this application is secure.

Are there any harmful Threats available on this application?

The VidMate application tries its best to avoid all the threats.

Does this application require an account?

This application does not require an account,t but you can create one if you want to.

Can I download Youtube Videos from this application?

Of course, you can access and download all youtube Videos.

Can I download Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp statuses from this application?

Yes, a function is available on this application to Download Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and other platforms’ Statuses.

Is Using this application Free?

Yes, using this application is entirely Free.

How does VidMate earn money?

VidMate earns money by showing advertisements.

Does the App Available for IOS?

No, There is no Official notice for VidMate IOS Version. Hence It is not available.

Can I download Content with the URL in the App?

Of course, You can do that.

Which Platform is best for downloading Youtube Videos?

Of course. The App is the best.


This is an application where you can download a wide variety of Content. You can download Content that you want to download from any source. Many platforms are available here, so you can use any of these platforms to make your experience in VidMate easy. This application has So many Versions; every Version has a unique ability and a different feature. Every latest Version has special and new features.